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Whitehill Osteopaths

Safe, gentle and effective treatment for all the family

About Us

Tim Coysten and Jessica Coysten have over 40 years Osteopathic practice experience between them. Tim has been teaching Osteopathy in the UK since 1993 and Internationally for 20 years. Although not teaching undergraduate students currently he does teach post graduate courses. Tim Coysten specialises in the biomechanics of the feet, legs and pelvis and their affects on the spine. He has been helping top flight Sports Professionals realise their potential through his biomechanical assessment and optimisation plan for many years. Now using his Passive Running method he’s helping athletes achieve their goals and rediscover their joy in running. Jessica Coysten is enjoying the chance to see more patients now the boys have grown up and looks forward to helping you achieve your potential. Tim Coysten is currently available on Mondays in The Gherkin, 30SMA, The City of London, Tuesdays in Tunbridge Wells, Thursdays at 150 Harley Street, Wednesdays and Fridays in Crowborough. Jessica Coysten is available on Monday and Tuesday mornings in Crowborough.

 For 150 Harley Street Or The Gherkin please call 02079657102 for Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough call 01892665291/618999


9A High Street                                               The Comfort Zone

Crowborough                                                     9 Lime Hill Road

East Sussex                                                      Tunbridge Wells

TN6 2QA                                                                         Kent

                                                                                     TN1 1LJ

Monday Jessica in Crowborough 10.00-2.00

Tim The Gherkin 08.00-6.00

Tuesday Jessica in Crowborough 10.00-2.00

Tim Tunbridge Wells 8.20-6.00

Wednesday Tim in Crowborough 8.20-7.20

Thursday Tim at 150 Harley Street 9.00-6.00

Friday Tim in Crowborough 8.20-5.00

We are behind the White door between Cro's the Jewellers and WHSmiths.

Go through the white door, find us on the left hand side of the passage, ring the buzzer for room 1 (bottom button) and we will let you in. Please then take a seat at the bottom of the stairs or down the stairs to your right in the waiting room. We always aim to run on time, but sometimes a slight delay is unavoidable. We look forward to seeing you and hopefully helping you!